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Digital Realty 2020 N/A

As part of Dimensional’s letter campaign, we contacted Digital Realty, a US REIT, in order to raise our concerns about its current practices and disclosures related to political lobbying and oversight. We believed that shareholders would benefit from improved disclosure on this issue in order to evaluate whether there was appropriate oversight of these expenditures.
In June 2020, Dimensional engaged with Digital Realty in order to discuss the letter and any progress the company had made in responding to the concerns we voiced related to political and lobbying expenditure oversight. The company noted that its investor relations team had shared the letter with senior executives. The portfolio company agreed that the policy and spending related to these activities should be overseen by the board.
The portfolio company added specific language in its 2020 proxy statement stating that the board adopted a policy that provides a governance framework for the company’s contributions. The board has oversight and control of the company’s engagements with federal, state, and local governments in the US on public policy issues essential to its business.
The portfolio company shared with Dimensional that this new disclosure and the adoption of this policy was done considering the corporate governance practices outlined in Dimensional’s letter.


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