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Chevron Corp 2020 US Website

Neuberger Berman believes that companies should consider the long-term impact of their business model and operations, and that all issuers should be able to identify key environmental risks to their business…We are pleased with management’s responsiveness to our engagement, and their intention to provide additional transparency through a physical climate-related risk report. We also recognize the asset in question is controlled by a partner.

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  • Report on Risks of Gulf Coast Petrochemical Investments
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  • We will generally support shareholder proposals asking for increased disclosure where our assessment finds that existing materials are significantly lagging behind recognized frameworks necessary for investors to assess these risks. The relevant framework here is the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosure, and specifically its recommendations around potential physical climate risk…We also recognize the asset in question is controlled by a partner. Given the existing challenges to address potential climate change, and the limited existing disclosure around the results of physical risk modelling on company assets and facilities, we are supporting the shareholder proposal to signal our belief that additional transparency would be beneficial.