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Not Disclosed - A US Oil and Gas Pipeline Company 2020 US Stewardship Report 2020

The GSAM Global Stewardship Team engaged with the company in 2018 and 2019 to discuss corporate governance, executive compensation and sustainability practices, as well as related reporting.
At the time of our last engagement, the company had recently launched their Corporate Responsibility (CR) program and created a cross-functional CR team with board-level oversight. The company provided key ESG data points on the website, however; the company did not publish a formal Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR) report in-line with the SASB standards or any other relevant frameworks, which the GSAM team encouraged.
In mid-2020, the company reached out to GSAM to highlight the release of their inaugural CSR Report, which details the company’s performance on ESG metrics and describes the company’s important role as a responsible, sustainable business advancing the global transition to a lower carbon future. The report includes disclosures aligned with the recommendations of TCFD and SASB.
The report further demonstrates the company’s progress across key themes—climate, environment, workforce, health and safety, community, and governance—since 2016. Key highlights include:
• Achieving a 35% reduction in greenhouse gas intensity in operations (Scope 1).
• Reducing methane intensity by 64% in operations.
• Improving safety performance with a 63% reduction in total recordable incident rate (TRIR) and a 43% reduction in lost time incident rate (LTIR).
• Increasing workforce diversity, with a 15% increase in ethnic minority employees and a 21% increase in women and 14% in ethnic minorities in management.

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