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Not Disclosed - A German Pharmaceutical Company 2020 Germany Stewardship Report 2020

The GSAM Global Stewardship Team last engaged with the company’s investor relations team in March 2020 to discuss their sustainability practices. We had expressed concerns over the lack of board and management oversight related to the company’s sustainability activities.
In May 2020, the company informed us that as a result of investor feedback they created a new sustainability council to advise the board on sustainability matters. The council has the following responsibilities:
• Further develop the sustainability elements of the company’s business strategy and provide guidance on the contributions that can be made with R&D.
• Independently examine the progress made by the company in the implementation of its 2030 sustainability targets.
• Promote cooperation with networks in the areas of society, education, industry and politics.
Additionally, in accordance with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement, the company set targets that it aims to achieve by 2030:
• Support 100 million small-holder farmers by giving them access to innovations, knowledge and partnerships.
• Enable responsible family planning for 100 million women in low and medium-income countries.
• Give 100 million people in underserved communities improved access to everyday health care products.
• Help reduce both the greenhouse gas emissions in large agricultural markets and the environmental impact of crop protection by 30%.
• Become climate-neutral and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions along the value chain.

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