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What actions has the company taken to address concerns around the attentiveness or competency of individual directors or the board as a whole?
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Not diclosed - Global energy and equipment services company with a market cap of over U.S. $500m 2019 US Northern Trust Asset Management Stewardship Process

In the fall of 2018, we engaged on the topic of board compensation with a U.S. energy and equipment services company that has a global operation and a market cap of over U.S. $500m. In the spring of 2019, the company reached out to us to indicate that based on our discussions with them they had took proactive action to increase overall diversity on the board, with a particular focus on adding geographic and technical skills that align to the long-term business strategy. They were happy to report that in 2019 they are adding a ‘geographically diverse director’ (meaning a non-US national) with energy experience in the Middle East and Latin America. They also enhanced their disclosure regarding talent and leadership development activities, safety standards and processes, in line with our dialogue on the need for better disclosures around material environmental and social factors.

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